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D&D Storytelling.
We're an actual play podcast based in Sweden playing D&D5E to create an experience out of the ordinary and let your mind travel to a far off fantasy.

(DunDice for short)

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    S2E3: The Blue Hog Tribe & Useless

    Being surprised in the middle of the night, a scavenging group of bandits lay their blades upon toby. Also introducing our first guest ROBERT JONSSON the creator of the TTRPG "Leviathan" and "Bortom" who plays the small conflicted child of "Useless". What could possibly go wrong?

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    S2E2: Burnt wood, ashes and loot

    This week the Kinda group make their way up to the surface and out of the sewers and the hideout of the resistance. What they find there is not quite what they expected..

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    S2E1: Aftermath

    What's the aftermath of maybe initiating a war? Is the cause of the resistance something really worth risking it all for? What happens to the Kinda Group now? Find out, in this episode of DunDice!

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    SEASON 1 (Episode 1-15) SUMMARY

    If you haven't caught up with all of the episodes of the first season, or if you have waited the two months since the last episode, here's a quick recap of what happened in season 1.

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    XMAS SPECIAL 2018 - Part 2

    Let's journey back in time to a warm time of the Midwinter Feast in Saskar. Welcome to the Christmas Special of Dundice. Part 2 of 2

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    XMAS SPECIAL 2018 - Part 1

    Let's journey back in time to a warm time of the Midwinter Feast in Saskar. Welcome to the Christmas Special of Dundice

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    S1E15: Battle of the Backyard

    It's time for the season finale of 2018's DunDice. The battle of the backyard of the twin butchers inn. There's a lot of magehunters against a few resistance members - and the Kinda Group

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    S1E14: City Secrets

    The Kinda Group is in a rough spot and there's o few ways of getting all the petrified people out, will they manage? Have they done the research?

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    S1E13: The Resistance

    Seeing that Darauwi was under control of the magehunters the Kinda Group made their way through the sewers to get in contact with the resistance

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    S1E12: Entering Darauwi

    After finally arriving at Darauwi, the Kinda Group rushed into the square behind the Twin Butchers Inn to find their beloved ones. The pressure is getting to Toby though and the presence of Magehunters is real.

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